Digital Inclusion

Listed below are resources to help you access digital services throughout the latest lockdown (January 2021)

Department for Education

The Department for Education position is that any child who does not have access to a device to engage with their school is now being classed as vulnerable and is allowed to go to school. Please contact your child/young person's school or provision to discuss this.

Plymouth Library Service

Currently 9 of the city's 11 libraries are open for a select and collect service and have PCs available for essential use:

Estover and North Prospect libraries are both closed due to being co-located within other buildings.

Data Providers

The DFE is working with data providers to get free increased allowances to families which will be available until July 2021.

Vodaphone has offered 350,000 30G sim cards to be distributed through schools and colleges via requests to DFE

Schools can order 4G wireless routers for loan to families in need

Accessing Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams via PlayStation and XBox

Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams can be accessed via PlayStation and XBox games consoles:

Connecting Families

Friends and Families of Special Children, Plymouth, have been selected as a partner for a Children in Need funded initiative, set up by the Good Things Foundation, called Connecting Families.

The Good Things Foundation want to provide the opportunity for BBC CiN projects, such as Friends and Families of Special Children, to distribute a limited number of IT devices to families they are working with, who don’t have access to a device or connectivity to access things like education, healthcare and to connect with friends and family. This initiative is also open to families who do already have IT equipment but maybe not enough devices to allow all children to access them. Individual families are able to apply for more than one piece of equipment but must justify why they need more than one. Once delivered, the devices will then belong to the families. Delivery is expected by 26th February 2021. You need to apply by 12th February.

You will need to be registered with Friends and Families of Special Children. You can do that here:

To find out if you are eligible and how to apply, click here.