Coffee and Cake

Notes from our meeting

17th January 2021

It was great to see everyone at our Coffee and Cake with PPCV virtual meeting at 10:00 am on Wednesday 13th January 2021.

The meeting was chaired by Claire. Below is a summary of the discussions that took place.

SEND Conference Update

Claire has started booking speakers and making arrangements for the SEND conference in March 2021. There are 3 confirmed speakers so far:

  • Luke Jackson (Author of Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome)

  • Carrie Grant (TV presenter and parent of 3 children with ASD and ADHD)

  • Samantha Renke (Actress and disability activist with Brittle Bone Condition)

In addition:

  • Luke Pollard, Johnny Mercer, Gary Streeter and leads from the council and social care have been invited to take part in a round-the-table event.

If anyone knows of a young, famous person with physical disabilities who would be available to speak, please let Claire know.

Bob Burton - PIAS

We were delighted to welcome Bob Burton from PIAS to discuss transitions for children and young people with SEND. Bob addressed individual people with their own particular questions and concerns. Discussions (without reference to particular attendees) are summarised below. Don’t forget to sign up for the PIAS newsletter.

Transition from Secondary School to Post 16/Adult Social Care

  • The apparent lack of a joined-up service was discussed. In this particular case, notes and files were not passed on to the appropriate service.

  • Bob informed participants about the “Transition Pathway” which should come into effect from Y9 onwards. Follow the link to the Transition Pathway Planning - Preparing for Adulthood document which supports this. Katie will put this on the PPCV website and notify followers of PPCV on social media.

  • It is important to be patient with the process. A young person may not engage with it initially or to the timescales suggested within the stated milestones but give them time to choose to engage. Encourage them slowly without badgering them.

  • LDT (Learning Disability Team) are a good support service and part of Adult Social Care.

  • Terms to be aware of: A learning disability is different to a learning difficulty. Not having mental capacity is different to making a wrong decision.

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

  • Parents were made aware of the Enhanced Transitions from Primary to Secondary School document as a quick reference for parents and carers. However, this document is due to be renewed on 21st Janueary this year.

  • The official framework, Plymouth Enhanced Transition Framework, supports the quick reference guide.

  • These documents are to support parents and carers regardless of whether they are in or transferring between mainstream, special or home education.

  • Bob pointed out that “Choice Advisors” used to be available to talk parents and carers through all their options. This role is no longer available so this is where PIAS can support you if required.

Next Meeting

10:00 on Wednesday 27th January 2021 will be “Coffee and Cake with Penny from Plymouth City Council” to discuss Access.

If you have any comments about the information in this blog post or if you would like to join us at our next meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the links listed below.