SEND and Celebration - Get Involved!
Blog posted 3/11/2020

SEND and Celebration is the new name for Plymouth’s annual SEND conference which will be held in March 2021. And YOU can be part of it.

The annual event is an ideal opportunity for those with SEND, their parents, carers, supporters, teachers, professionals and anyone with an interest in SEND in Plymouth to get together to make Plymouth an outstanding place to live for those with SEND.

SEND and Celebration consists of meetings, presentations, discussions and information about activities that are accessible for all ages in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

A new feature in 2021 Plymouth event will be a round-the-table discussion with local MPs, Councillors and other portfolio holders in the city. They will take part in discussions about how they plan to work to make Plymouth work for everyone by answering your questions and addressing your comments. The aim of the discussion is to decide on small steps that could be taken to make Plymouth disability-friendly.

And this is where we need your help.

PPCV would like to send you a pre-conference questionnaire asking families how they would rate Plymouth from a disability point of view from a variety of aspects. Your comments and questions will be collated and presented to the city stakeholders at a round-the-table discussion. It is an ideal opportunity to get your voice heard, so do take the time to fill out and return the questionnaire. It will be available in January 2020 and posted on this site, so watch this space!

SEND and Celebration is FREE to attend but you must be a member of PPCV to join. You can join by going to the PlymouthPCV website and clicking the Join PPCV link.

Because the event will be held online this year, you can access any of the conferences, meetings and discussions at a time and place that is convenient for you. You will be granted access to PPCVs own Youtube channel.

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