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Notes from our meeting – 16th December 2020

Notes from our meeting – 16th December 2020
It was great to see everyone at our Coffee and Cake with PPCV virtual meeting at 10:00 am on Wednesday 16th December.

The meeting was chaired by Claire. Below is a summary of the discussions that took place.

Grant received for PPCV SEND library.

£15k has been awarded to PPCV, part of which is planned to be used to create a SEND library. The aim is for PPCV to use the money to purchase specialist toys and books that people can borrow and return. The group discussed how it could potentially run in a similar way to www.borrowdontbuy.co.uk. As well as purchasing the items to loan out, the money could also be used to create the platform to run it efficiently. It is likely to require volunteers to help run it.

Coffee and Cake with Bob from PIAS (Transitions)

On 13/1/2021, “Coffee and Cake” will be with Bob from PIAS. Thank you for organising, Claire. He will be discussing transitions from Primary to Secondary school, and Secondary to post-16. PPCV will advertise this via social media. We will gage numbers before deciding if we need 2 separate meetings to offer age-appropriate information to attendees.

Platforms to be used for the SEND and Celebration conference in March 2021.

Jason is able to offer support with setting up video platforms for the SEND conference.

Prior to the conference, we need to increase ‘membership’ to PPCV to encourage plenty of participants. Data about people who would like to join PPCV is currently collected via Google Forms on the PPCV website. At the moment, PPCV do not have an efficient way of using it (ie, exporting data onto spreadsheets/into MailChimp/etc.) Jason is able to advise and support in this area. We need to start directing people to the website to register.

SEND and Celebration Talks

In our previous meeting, we discussed ideas about presentations and talks we would like to see at the SEND and Celebration conference. Additional suggestions were made today:

  • Applying for DLA/ESA/PIP;

  • Housing (for example, Housing Associations for vulnerable young adults, encouraging agencies to work together with a more joined-up approach). ;

  • Budgeting for young people with SEND (How young people with SEND can manage their own basic budgets to support independence);

Katie is going to put out a post on social media asking young adults with physical disabilites/parents of children with physical disabilites which famous person they would like to invite to speak at the conference. Mark Ormrod (Plymouth-based triple amputee who took part in the Invictus games) was also suggested.

Next Meeting

10:00 on Wednesday 13th January 2021 will be “Coffee and Cake with Bob from PIAS” to discuss transition.

If you have any comments about the information in this blog post or if you would like to join us at our next meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the links listed below.

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