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Notes from our meeting – 17th March 2021

Notes from our meeting – 17th March 2021
It was great to see everyone at our “Coffee and Cake with PPCV” virtual meeting at 10:00 am on Wednesday 17th March.

The meeting was chaired by Claire. Below is a summary of the discussions that took place.

The success of SEND & Celebration Conference Part 1

We chatted about the SEND conference (Part 1) last week. As a result of the round-table discussions with MPs and councillors, 4 working groups have now been created, with volunteers being signed up. The working groups are:

  • PIP/DLA. This was triggered by people asking why those who claim due to lifelong disabilities have to go through the stress of reapplying every few years.

  • Teacher Training. It was highlighted that in current teacher training, SEN training is a total of just half a day throughout the course and is voluntary to attend.

  • Independent Living. Although there are services to support post-16 available, people are not always aware of the services and support they can get. This working group will be supporting the LA in updating information on the local offer and spreading the information to young people.

  • Community Access. The conversation focussed on visually impaired people, but also touched on the fact that new additions to the city (for example The Box) didn’t currently offer (for example) any braille or spoken information plaques or social stories about visiting the museum.

  • Community Access – Parks. This working group will be looking into making sure that every park has a piece of disability play equipment and adding information to our website.

Surveys to support the working groups will be sent out to members of PPCV in due course.

All the questions that were asked during the conference will be made available on the website at a later date.

SEND & Celebration Conference Part 2

The timetable can be found by following this link.

To clarify some of the sessions that may be unfamiliar:

  • Non-aggressive interventions. This was mentioned by Carrie Grant last week and a number of parents were interested to learn more. Claire is working hard to arrange for someone to talk to everyone about this. It is not training – just an information-sharing opportunity at this point.

  • Keyworker Project. This is a new initiative to support families of those at risk of Tier 3-4 admissions or families of those going in/out of hospital Tier 3-4 admissions. It will support families and link them to projects in an attempt to avoid reaching the stage where admissions are required.

  • Home Ed. This will provide information about the expectations should you choose to home educate. It is important to say that it is not advocating it as best practice, it is an information session should parents choose to follow that route.

  • SEND Access. A new initiative to offer “one front door” for access to appropriate services.

New PPCV website

The PPCV website is being updated. Chris Richie (who set up the Cornwall PCV site) is going to set it up on WordPress and move all the information across. Katie and Jason expressed an interest in helping to review the website to make sure it has an impact on the landing page and the sections flow in a logical, user-friendly order.

SEND library

Items have been purchased. (Since the meeting, a poster has been produced by Tracey to advertise it. This has been shared a number of times by different groups on social media suggesting a large amount of interest.)

EHCP Review Meetings

Lucy asked about what to expect from an EHCP review. Some ideas were shared (although in this case, her child has changed from a mainstream school to a special school, so many of the targets listed on the current EHCP may not be relevant). Lucy is planning to attend the EHCP presentation at SEND & Celebration part 2, but it is the day before her actual meeting (so it is cutting it a bit fine).

Next Meeting

10:00 on Wednesday 31st March 2021. Penny from PPC will be joining us to talk about Early Help.

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